Thoughtful Thursday (1)

ThoughtfulThursdays-1Thoughtful Thursdays is a new meme hosted by sweet Kristin of Better Read Than Dead. Every Thursday, she will post a question for us to ponder and everyone is invited and welcome to participate. Let’s start the fun by answering today’s question:

Thought of Thursday: Do you think LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) characters should be portrayed in YA literature? 

Today’s question is a sensitive one as it tackles a very controversial issue. 

It is no big deal for me if there are gay/lesbians characters in a story. As long as there is no sex involved, because I am not comfortable with it. We all have different views and opinions about this matter and I respect the author’s rights to create his/her own characters. I have to admit that they make the story more fun and enjoyable because of their wit and humor, and most of the times they are portrayed equally good. Though I don’t really encourage LGBT, I understand that they deserve to be heard and recognized as well. I know how it feels to be misunderstood and how it feels to try to fit in.

I have close and real friends that are gay/lesbians and I love them for who they are. The truth that they’re gay doesn’t lessen their value as a person, much more as a friend.  Besides, who are we to judge? And who have the rights to condemn? No one.

***Comments are encouraged and welcome but please be nice on your comments. I understand that we have different views and we have freedom to say what we want. But please be kind on your words. Harsh comments will not be tolerated on this site. =) Thank you.


One thought on “Thoughtful Thursday (1)

  1. Excellent answer! I agree with the no sex part. It would make me uncomfortable too. I know several books I have read have gay characters in them and I end up loving them. There are best-sellers out there with gay characters. House of Nights, Nightshade, Wolfsbane, The Mortal Instruments…and all three authors did it in a very complementing nature.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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