Thoughtful Thursdays (2)


Thoughtful Thursdays is a new meme hosted by sweet Kristin of Better Read Than Dead.
Every Thursday, she will post a question for us to ponder and everyone
is invited and welcome to participate. Let’s start the fun by answering
today’s question:

Q. What single thing in my working life would make me stand up and walk out of my job today, right now, even knowing that I would burn that bridge and never be able to go back?

A. I previously worked in an IT Department as a system engineer, and in my field of work, majority are men. I think my answer would be–any form of sexual threat, attempt or harassment will definitely push me to resign.


One thought on “Thoughtful Thursdays (2)

  1. Gosh, I never even thought of something bad happening to make me leave. My mind immediately went to winning the lottery! But you're right; I'm a teacher and I think any act of physical violence against me would make me say “no more, I'm done”.


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