TBR Intervention Challenge (1)

Greetings from Books4Juliet!

Thank you for visiting us today. In behalf of my fellow bloggers and co-hosts Dani & Ayanami, I welcome you to the first TBR Intervention Challenge!

Thank you for participating and I hope that you’ll find it interesting and fun. Today is the first Saturday to post our TBR Intervention so I decided to post mine early (besides, it’s Saturday here already =) The linky tool will be available for new entries (October 15, 12:01 AM) so get ready to post/link yours! See you around… Happy reading and blog hopping!

TBR Intervention is a weekly challenge hosted by Dani@RefractedLight , Ayanami@Whatever you Can Still Betray,  and April@Books4Juliet

The goal of this challenge is to help each other (fellow readers and bloggers) manage our enormous and constantly growing TBR (To-Be-Read) List. The rules are simple and everyone is encouraged to participate. It does not force you to commit to more than what you can manage to read in a week or so, but participants are encouraged to read at least one book within a week. You are free to choose the book you want to read and commit to this challenge. You may post your entry every Saturday, at the frequency of your choice–EVERY WEEK or EVERY TWO WEEKS. However, we will sponsor this event regularly every Saturday. 
Here are the rules:
1. Post the book(s) you committed to read in your last TBR Intervention post and tell us something about it. Did you finish it? Did you enjoy it or not? Post the link to your review (if you have one). 
2. Post a book that you want to read and already own. Pick something that has been sitting on your shelf for too long now (6 months or longer). Commit to read the book in the next couple of days or week.
3. Grab the TBR Intervention Button and post it on your blog sidebar so you will be constantly reminded of the challenge, making it easier for you to commit. This will also encourage other readers/bloggers/visitors to join the challenge.
4. Add the link to your post in the Linky below and make sure to visit the other blogs. Comment, encourage, and spread the love to our fellow readers. 

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy #1)
By Richelle Mead

I don’t have a previous pick since this is my first post for TBR Intervention. So I picked the most recent book I’ve finished–Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. Besides, this one has been on my TBR list for quite a while now and I just read it last week! I’ve been wanting to read this book ever since the  Twilight saga! I don’t remember anymore where I’d first seen this book. I know that I’m left far behind this series, and it’s really hard for me now to catch up especially after the release of Bloodlines. I have the whole series of Vampire Academy on my shelf (well, except for Last Sacrifice) and I’m glad that I finally finished the first of the six books! Just a small leap but it’s something! I really liked the story and I will definitely read the whole series. I’m not done with my review yet, so I hope you can come back and visit me again. =)

Dreamhunter (The Dreamhunter Duet #1)
By Elizabeth Knox
On my shelf since: March 21, 2010

Summary from Goodreads:

Laura comes from a world similar to our own except for one difference: it is next to the Place, an unfathomable land that fosters dreams of every kind and is inaccessible to all but a select few, the Dreamhunters. These are individuals with special gifts: the ability to catch larger-than-life dreams and relay them to audiences in the magnificent dream palace, the Rainbow Opera. People travel from all around to experience the benefits of the hunters’ unique visions. Now fifteen-year-old Laura and her cousin Rose, daughters of Dreamhunters, are eligible to test themselves at the Place and find out whether they qualify for the passage. But nothing can prepare them for what they are about to discover. For within the Place lies a horrific secret kept hidden by corrupt members of the government. And when Laura’s father, the man who discovered the Place, disappears, she realizes that this secret has the power to destroy everyone
she loves . . .

The Reason Why: I picked Dreamhunter because it’s been a year already since I bought the series (Dreamhunter and Dreamquake). This is one of Stephenie Meyer’s book recommendations that I’ve seen in her official website. I visited more than three bookstores before I finally got the copies. I started to read this book but it was hard for me to get into it… The writing is quite difficult for me to understand and I tried more than four times to read it again but failed. I want to give it another try. 

Have you read this book yet? I want to know what you think.

Do you have a book/s that you want to commit reading this week?



9 thoughts on “TBR Intervention Challenge (1)

  1. I hope you like The Vampire Academy Books. I loved them and Bloodlines is excellent also. I have never heard of Dreamhunter. You will have to let me know how that turns out.

    I chose Shift by Jeri Ready Smith and Covet by J.R. Ward for this weeks intervention. Thanks for hosting this contest!



  2. I've been eyeing the vampire academy series for SO LONG but ive tried the blue bloods series and hated it, the Marked series by PC Cast (i think) and honestly didn't like it so im scared that i'll be disappointed with this one again. I'll wait for your review and see how i feel about it later 😀
    Enjoy shortening your TBR list *yeay*

    – juhina


  3. I will definitely come back and visit ! Now following! Thanks for popping by. I haven't heard of your pick for this week I love hearing about books I've never seen haha. Course then I get a case of the gotta have meesss

    Pabkins @ Mission to Read


  4. I really need to read The Vampire Academy series. That series is probably gonna be in some future TBR Interventions. This week I choose a book though that's been on my shelf probably twice as long as that series. I hope you can get through Dreamhunter. 🙂


  5. I didn't know about the Dreamhunter, but the title is really good… I agree you, with Vampire Academy, is good but not one of my favorites.
    Good luck with your reading!
    Have a great day!!!


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