Thursday Revisits: Along For The Ride

Thursday Revisits is a new meme hosted by Sam of Books For All Seasons.
It’s a weekly feature of book discussions about the characters, scenes, and plot of the book we read. It’s featured every Thursday.

This is the first time I participate in this awesome feature. I am thankful for Sam (yes! the host himself) for joining me in my first Thursday Revisits post. Today, we talk about my first Sarah Dessen book: Along for the Ride. I learned that Sam have read this book 13 times (or more) in one year! (Really Sam? Wow!) Well anyway, here’s our mini, short, crazy, fun fun fun conversation:

What’s one thing you like about Along For The Ride?

Sam: Sarah Dessen is my favorite author. I like reading her books a lot!

April: This book made me feel young again (Sam, I know what you’re thinking! I’m not old!). Let me rephrase it: This book made me feel A LOT YOUNGER.

Sam: Of course you’re not old. You have a long way to go, unlike me. I’m old! I need a….oh wait, can someone get me some water for the old man here…a walker I mean. *cough*

Who is your favorite female character?

Sam: Maggie! (Surprise!!)

April: Auden! I like Maggie’s personality too… the color pink and the fashion sense. But I like Auden more.

Sam: That’s what I thought. Auden…I like the name!!

April: It should have been April, not Auden. Eli & April… April & Eli. That sounds better, don’t you think?

Sam: Okok. I can have Maggie then!! Maggie, wait…

Who is your male character?

Sam: Eli!

April: Eli! And here I thought you’ll pick Adam. Now, I’m surprised!

Sam: No no, Eli all the way!!

April: Eli is mine. You can take Abe. Oops… he’s dead :<

Sam: It’s sad, right? I wish he’s here…

April: Yeah… There could have been a love triangle. Eli, April err… I mean Auden, and Abe =)

What is your favorite scene in Along For The Ride?

Sam: When Maggie, Ester, Leah, and Auden left Belissa’s party and went to the lake, talking about Eli and his best friend. The best moment ever!! ^_^

April: Mine was when Auden rode her bike and met Eli on her way to the prom party. The time when she did this awesome jump and kissed Eli. Now, that’s the best moment ever! haha.

Sam: Aww…That was sweet!!

April: I just hope they kissed a lot though…

Sam: April!! 

April: What? I’m a romantic!

Which character do you want to hang out with?

Sam: Hmm…Maggie. Love her style!!

April: Hmm…Eli. Love love love him!!

Sam: Eli, huh? Good choice. April!

April: I know, right? lol. Thank you Sam.

Sam: You’re welcome! I’ve just heard you like Eli a lot!!

If you were going to buy a Christmas present for one character, who will you buy for?

Sam: Maggie! Everything fashionicious (it is not a word, isn’t it??)

April: Fashionicious?! I like it! Oh, and I choose Isby! She’s so cute and adorable! I so want to have a baby girl and dress her up–everything fashionicious and babylicious!

Sam: I agree! Isby sure is cute!! Caroline….love that name on Isby!!

Did Along For The Ride end the way you wanted?

Sam: Yea. I am glad Auden and Maggie got to be roommates! But I also wanted to find out what’s going on with Ester and Leah.

April: Yes. Eli and Auden together, plus Eli going back to school. And I agree with Sam, I am glad that Auden and Maggie became roommates, and Adam finally gets Maggie… I’m a sucker for happy endings.

Sam: I knew it! Hehe.

Will you read Along For The Ride again?

Sam: Yup! I love the book!! Agree, April?

April: Yes, definitely! I miss Eli already! Love the book & love you too Sam! Thank you for being here in my blog =)

Sam: You’re welcome. Aww…You’re so sweet!! We should totally do this together more often!!

April: I would love to!!!


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