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Amity, more than all other factions, values love, friendship, and the arts. They love to make music and listen to it, sing, paint, and work together to make something beautiful. They wear reds and yellows — the colors of tulips, but also the color of fire.
Amity Beliefs:
1. Friendship and Peaceful Harmony
2. Mutual Understanding and a Peaceful Relationships, especially between nations; peace and accord.
3. Cordiality
Amity Traits:
1. Dress in reds and yellows
2. Appear kind, loving and free
3. Provide understanding counselors and caretakers
So, why choose Amity?

“Then you must no longer think cruel thoughts.
Cruel thoughts lead to cruel words,
and hurt you as much as they hurt your target.”
“And it makes them care; makes them kind. I think that’s beautiful” 
– Four, talking about the Amity faction, Insurgent Chapter 2

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Choose Amity

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Support Divergent. Choose Amity. Win Insurgent!

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