TBR Intervention Challenge (44)

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Wahaha! This is getting old already. Here I am (again) doing the walk of shame… I haven’t read my books last week, BUT hey, I finished DUST by Devon Ashley (at last! finally!) and it was good. My review is ready but I can’t post it yet, not until the blog tour stops here on September. I’m also halfway through My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick and it’s good, I’m enjoying it so far.

So next week…

I’m going to continue My Life Next Door, then probably… maybe… I’ll start Stay With Me by Paul Griffin.

What did you read last week? 



One thought on “TBR Intervention Challenge (44)

  1. Yay!!! you finished one book!!! I didn't!
    (walk of shame?? I loved that phrase!!)
    Well, hope you can read the books you commited to read and hope you enjoy them all.
    Have an awesome day/week/month/year!


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