Review: Home Torn by Tijan

17162781She’d left five years ago because her sister took away someone she loved. It had always been like that. Her sisters were adored while she was ignored. Now she’s back, but she’s different. She had changed and now sought healing in a cold and torn home.

*EDITED. Removed the link for FREE Read since it was removed from the author’s site. This book is now being published!

If there was one thing Dani O’Hara was good at, it was running. If you’re constantly being hurt by the people around you, you run. That’s what she did years ago. She left her little town without a word and everybody thought she was dead. Then after 5 years, she decided to come back.

Her exact reason for returning isn’t clear and even Dani doesn’t know what she truly needs. Revenge? To take back the only boy she ever loved? Healing? In a small town that holds her family’s secrets and where every gossip is like a headline news, Dani will either stand up and show the people that she’s changed or play it safe and be the same shy, nice girl that was ignored years ago.

If there is someone who knows how to write about badass female leads, swoonworthy alpha males, dysfunctional families, supporting characters who are either irritating that you wanna throw them in the river to drown, or characters that you deeply feel for that you would want them to be part of your real life too–it’s Tijan. Her stories aren’t rainbows and unicorns. They’re deep, dark, and they can put you on the edge. But they’re good, really good. Eventhough readers may feel like the book could have show us more about Jonah and him falling in love with Dani, they can still breath with satisfaction when it comes to the ending. I, myself was hoping to see more of Dani and Jonah’s relationship too, but I enjoyed the book as a whole and will not hesitate to recommend it.

Lies, secrets, betrayal, healing and romance. This is what Home Torn is about. Written by one of my most favorite and Best-Selling Author Tijan, this book is definitely something to look forward to.


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